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Its a dark and cold bitter evening.

With the winter wind bellowing through the woods

the biting chill pinches his face red,

while his eyes and nose drip with emotion.

With his crooked wooden staff tightly grasped,

slow and painfully he treks the rough terrain,

the exhaustion from his labour bears down on his tired body.

He approaches a waterfall.

All around gushing water breaking on the rocks lashing out its deafening roar.

All around moist air dampens his worn-out clothes.

Yet painstakingly he continues his lifes odyssey.

He pensively looks back; anxious of the terrain he has crossed.

Resting on the rocks he views the landscape,

while tears like streams trickle down his rugged cheeks.

The silence is broken with cracks of thunder.

The incessant downpour makes his trek more treacherous

and with time, falls all the more heavily against his weary body.

The earth beneath him gives way.

His mind and body bruised; they ache with pain and despair,

yet he continues his trek undaunted. His lifes journey continues.

Mohammed J A Jabbar

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Like other forms of artistic expression poetry can help us overcome the many prejudices that plague our society.
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