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With nations haunted with the wailing of want

and societies plagued with arrogance

cities blemish with vices and rot

while villages howl cries of desertion.

The faithful seeking refuge under the illusive umbrella

of priestly dogma, devotees deranged in their ignorance.

Divine monstrosities everywhere, conceived from tainted

handouts of profiteering and oppression,

vile injustice cleansed by alms.

The infallible men of the cloth monopolising the market of

Divine forgiveness, infested with pride and prejudice;

their unforgiving eyes tainted with conceit.

Machiavellian double standards in their words and conduct,

complaisant to the social vice that enshrouds the populace;

apathetic to religious intolerance and racial strife.

A generation turning the other cheek,

denial forsaking reality,

a future of confusion and despair.

Mohammed J A Jabbar

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Politics has always been about the exercise of power, legitimate or otherwise.

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Liberty under the Law

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Like other forms of artistic expression poetry can help us overcome the many prejudices that plague our society.
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