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  • The quest for truth is one step closer to God.
  • He, who is his own master, is his own bondage slave.  Oppression therefore enslaves itself.
  • Nature in its expression of life and death bears testimony to the existence of God.
  • In a religious strife there are no winners, only survivors.
  • Time is a measurement of motion of objects relative to each other.
  • Engage the enemy beyond the battlefield.
  • Justifying ignorance with logic distorts Truth.
  •  He who has no desire is truly free.
  • His hunger entraps his freedom.
  • Family is the nucleus around which society revolves.
  • Freedom is an illusion.  Under absolute rule there is persecution, with a Democracy the elite oppress.
  • Adversity is a trial of faith.
  • Great men build empires; even greater men destroy them.  But only heroes become legends.
  • Tyrants will fall; dictators will rise.  Heroes are immortal.
  • Be the legend and not the Tyrant.
  • In order to rule the patriot oppresses.
  • Its more advantageous to attack an ignorant enemy than to attack a wise one.  But its beneficial to defend yourself against a wise adversary than to do so against an ignorant one.
  • Truth driven by passion gives rise to tyranny.  Truth based upon logic defeats oppression.
  • Knowledge can rival empires.
  • Despots are only as powerful/ruthless as their adjutants allow/make them out to be.
  • Persevere in the face of adversity and express humility in success.
  • The soul will be liberated when you learn to let go of your desires for material possessions.
  • Power politics is the art of convenience; it has no moral parameters.  It is a ruthless/passionate desire to exercise power.
  • Todays apathy breeds tomorrows havoc.
  • Tyranny is the product of despair.  Where democracy fails despotic rule prevails.
  • The ignorant applaud their own ignorance.
  • Be wary of those who represent your power base. In power politics never depend on others.
  • Diplomacy is a gentlemans hypocrisy.
  • What is a benevolent dictator? He is a self-opinionated autocrat/despot.
  • A free mind is a creative mind.
  • 1934, Night of the Long Knives: Kill them all or be killed.
  • When power/wealth begins to seep out of your hands the whole world will seem to cave in around you.
  • The grandest palaces dedicated to freedom have been built upon the backs of the oppressed.
  • To win a war without engaging the enemy in battle is optimum. But if one has to engage in battle then decimate and rout your opponent.
  • There is no shame to learn from the successes of your adversary.
  • The greatest atrocities commited by Man have been for the love of God.
  • It is better to be feared by a hundred men than to be liked by none.
  • Behind every good intention lurks evil in the shadows.

  • Matter is an altered state of energy.

  • We are self conscious therefore, we believe in God.

  • In a strife one leads from the front but commands from the rear.
  • When Empires begin to crumble from within their fall is inevitable.
  • The distinction between truth and evil is the fine line of perception.
  • Excessive greed leaves one with a sense of poverty.

  • Don't let your righteousness be a weakness. Otherwise, you will be engulfed by evil.

  • The worst form of persecution is perpetuating another's poverty.
  • When anger gives you focus, a rational determination to defend the truth and promote righteousness in the face of all odds, then that anger is surely justified.

Mohammed J A Jabbar

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Politics has always been about the exercise of power, legitimate or otherwise.

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