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Prophecies foretold.

A forsaken reality and a destiny pre-ordained.




The whore shall serve her ministry well,

the bastards will rule,

the tyrant shall reign.

His whip lashing the famished backs of innocents.

Hawkish eyes seeking-out free spirits.

One ideology, one culture uprooting all others.

Individuality triumphant over spirituality.

Moral decadence shall be ripe.

Divine signs and tribulations shall go unnoticed.

Denial forsaking reality.

Politics of hunger and famished millions, the scourge of poverty plaguing nations, devouring landscapes.

Free spirits in bondage, shackles enslaving justice.

Instruments of deception shall allure the masses.

Jackals stealing the wealth of brothers.

Ignorance justifying logic.

Faith shall be personal billboards of deceit.

Conflicts of segregation and dominance shall be prevalent.

Battles for God.

Self-righteous bigots distorting facts.

The sky shall rip open – a fiery hell.




The End of Time,

The Hour is nigh – the Hourglass shatters.

A frantic search for The Scripture.

Forsaken, false scriptures shall have their pages torn out.

Plates colliding.

The earth asunder, she will give up her burdens.

Fallen cities – harrowing cries of millions.

Columns of water as high as mountains;

seas of fire scorching the landscape.

Mountains shall shift;

rivers shall alter their course.

Death shall seek out all – no where to hide.

Expanses of barren terrain shall dominate the landscape.




Death will reign triumphant.

Parallels shall be fused in unison.

All will be Silent and Desolate.

Subsequently, life shall reawaken to the call of the trumpet.

The past shall be summoned and called to account.

Judgement Day – that day surely the scales will tip.

Terror in the hearts of the forsaken.

Oppression, arrogance and conceit shall understand humility.

Past denial shall prostrate in shame.

Cries of redemption shall deafen the Court.

Divine retribution shall exact justice.


And Justice shall be handed down –

indeed, justice shall be handed down.


© Mohammed J A Jabbar

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