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The Author, Sheikh Mohammed Jakir Ahmed Jabbar, was born into a ‘progressive’ Muslim family in South Wales, United Kingdom. He owes much of his moral fibre to the teachings he received in his formative years as a primary school student attending St. Joseph’s Convent and St. Mary’s Catholic School in Newport, South Wales. During his time there he regularly attended Bible reading sessions. This sense of moral awareness was reinforced when his parents moved back to Dhaka, Bangladesh and the author was introduced to the world of Islam by the Ulemas of the neighbouring Sobhanbagh Mosque. The Author’s sense of self-discipline was forged attending then Scholastica Tutorials and later Bhuiyan Academy in Dhaka. Deeply unsatisfied with the Ulemas orthodox approach to the study of Islam, the Author took it upon himself from his early teens to understand the core message of Islam by studying numerous English translations and interpretations of the Holy Qur’an and numerous Ahadith, as well as, works of Islamic Scholars that were available at the time. This intellectual thirst to understand the central message of Islam reinforced and consolidated itself well into his adulthood.


Returning back to the United Kingdom to complete his undergraduate studies the Author graduated in Law with honours from the University of Wolverhampton. A week after completing his final year examinations he lost the light of his life, his dear mother. His mother’s premature death would have far-reaching consequences for his future that would set the direction of his life.


The Author started his working career as a Reporter for Hansard at the National Assembly for Wales. He subsequently served as Registrar and Archives Officer for the Legal Services Division at the Welsh Development Agency until April 2002. Taking a temporary break from his career in Wales, the Author returned to Dhaka, Bangladesh to take care of his late mother’s business interests. During his time in Dhaka he also taught undergraduate students under the University of London LL.B external curriculum at a private law academy and wrote a revision aid for students studying A-Level Government and Politics under EDEXCEL, which proved extremely successful. In 2004 the Author founded Renascence Publications. Mr Jabbar later returned to Wales to pursue higher academic interests in 2005. He has recently successfully completed a Master’s Degree in International Commercial Law with Northumbria University, Newcastle; under its Distance Learning Programme.


The Author is currently employed as a civil servant and has also been actively involved in his trade union. In their annual elections, towards the end of 2011 the Author was elected the PCS Wales Regional Committee Representative on the PCS National Black Members’ Committee. Following on, in March 2013, the Author was also elected the PCS South Wales Revenue and Customs Branch BME Representative. Back in 2008 he served on the Steering Committee for the ‘Spiritual Capital’ Cardiff Project presenting the Muslim perspective. The Author is an amateur poet and has had his poetry published in newspapers in Bangladesh and in numerous anthologies published in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.


Following the death of his father in August 2010 the Author was unanimously elected honorary co-chairperson of the Jamia Madania Kowmia Sheikh M. A. Jabbar Islamic Complex situated in Sreemongal, Sylhet, Bangladesh. The three-storey complex is a highly acclaimed and widely respected academic centre specializing in Islamic education and houses a mosque that can accommodate more than one thousand devotees during prayer times. The institution has had the privilege of being visited by acclaimed Islamic scholars from across the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East. Meanwhile, the Madrasah also imparts education in several disciplines to more than six hundred students. The Author has been invited on numerous occasions to speak on ‘Islamic tolerance and justice’ at a number of annual Islamic Conventions held in Sylhet that were attended by tens of thousands of devotees. The Author is an avid reader. His interests include the study of Islam, comparative religions, international trade and commercial law, post-cold war global politics, modern and contemporary European history and astronomy.

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Politics has always been about the exercise of power, legitimate or otherwise.

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Liberty under the Law

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Like other forms of artistic expression poetry can help us overcome the many prejudices that plague our society.
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