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Welcome to The website is intended to provoke debate and challenge conventional perceptions. A new ‘Age of Reason’ is upon us. Stereotyping should be a fallacy of the past.


The website is a non-profit making enterprise and intended to promote academic learning. Featured here are some extracts from my upcoming book, Islam and the West: a rational perspective’, articles on law and politics, as well as, my published poetry.


It is hoped that the book ‘Islam and the West: a rational perspective’ published by Mereo Books, Cirencester, UK will serve to correct many of the misconceptions regarding the religion of Islam and forge a better understanding of the Faith while promoting interfaith dialogue. The book also seeks to address the contentious issue of whether Islam or its radical interpretation represents the most significant challenge to the worldwide predominance of western liberal democracy and capitalism in the aftermath of the Cold War as perceived by some western political thinkers, as well as exploring the issues relating to the revival of an Islamic Caliphate. At the same time, students of Islamic Studies at various levels will also find this book helpful for a critical analysis of the subject.


As a former faculty leader of A-Level Government and Politics and law lecturer at a private law academy in Dhaka, Bangladesh where I also taught undergraduate students under the University of London LL.B (Hons) external curriculum, the articles on law and politics featured in this website are intended to serve as a tonic/stimulant for the hard-pressed student while preparing for their examinations.


Renascence Publications has taken extreme care to ensure that the articles are in no way a reproduction in any significant manner or form (neither qualitatively nor quantitatively) of any published copyright material. Any inadvertent/unintentional oversight brought to the attention of the publisher is deeply regretted and will be acknowledged in subsequent reviews. A list of references and further reading is included.


I have asserted my right to be identified as the sole author of the poems that have featured in my previously published book ‘Thoughts to Ponder Upon’ in accordance with relevant Copyright laws of Bangladesh.

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Politics has always been about the exercise of power, legitimate or otherwise.

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Liberty under the Law

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Like other forms of artistic expression poetry can help us overcome the many prejudices that plague our society.
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